The events for the “Building an Anti-Racism Strategy for Canadian Broadcasting: Conversation & Convergence” program were preceded by a Call for Proposals seeking to mobilize knowledge to inform Canadian media policy. This resulted in a program featuring persons and organizations with experience or interest in race and media, among other related subject areas.

All participants are encouraged to download and review the Facilitation Guide in preparation for joining the deliberative process guiding these events: Facilitation Guide (PDF).

All participants are invited to consult the guiding questions for this event when framing presentations and interventions:


  1. What is the state of media by/for Racialized communities and culturally diverse broadcasting in Canada as identified by Racialized broadcasters and audiences?
  2. With a focus on broadcasting, what do Racialized communities want and need from Canadian media across all sectors (i.e. public / government, private / corporate and community / not-for-profit broadcasting)?
  3. What urgent challenges – from barriers to media access as well as a lack of representation in programming and employment – should be addressed to build an anti-racism strategy for Canadian broadcasting?
  4. What insights do key stakeholders working in the areas of Racialized issues, communications law, and media policy offer on the ways forward?
  5. What investments, skills, and policies are needed to cultivate a sustainable future for Racialized broadcasting and culturally diverse media in Canada?

NOTE: The following program compiles presenters alphabetically and the detailed schedule, archive, and summary report for each activity will be posted on the Events page.


Saturday April 30

from 10am – 4pm

Keynote by William Ging Wee Dere – Anti-Asian Racism in Canada: Sinophobia from the Head Tax/Chinese Exclusion Act to Today
Cata Ramirez & Cassandra Exumé – Antiracism : Hoodstock’s perspective
Jean-Yves Roux & Nancy Dubuisson, Natyf TV – Telling Our Stories by Our Own Means
Julie Tran & André-Anne Côté, Coalition Asiatique pour une Relève Émancipatrice – Militant point of view against anti-Asian racism: the importance of representation in Quebec media
Laith Marouf – Colonialism: The White Elephant in the Racist Newsroom
Ricardo Lamour – Anti-Black Racism in Quebec Media: Tackling dehumanizing reporting in journalism
CMAC – Open Forum on the Guiding Questions
Université du Québec à Montréal, 320 rue Sainte-Catherine Est, Pavillon J-A De Sève room #1520
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Saturday May 14

from 10am – 4pm

Keynote by Dr. Karim H. Karim – Identifying the Principles for an Anti-Racism Strategy
Barbara Lee, President & Founder of the Vancouver Asian Film Festival and Founder of the Racial Equity Screen Office, Nilesh Patel, Interim Executive Director of the Racial Equity Screen Office and, Sarah Spring, Executive Director Documentary Organization of Canada – Why We Need Mandated Racial Equity: A Case Study on the Failures of The Knowledge Network
Doreen Manuel – Decolonizing the Film, TV & Media Industry
Programmers from Campus and Community Radio – Inclusion vs Exclusion
CMAC – Open Forum on the Guiding Questions
University of British Columbia, 1933 West Mall, WMAX room #150
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Saturday June 11

from 10am – 4pm

Russell Grosse, Executive Director Black Cultural Centre for Nova Scotia – Opening Statement
Keynote by Dr. El Jones – Resistant Media and Prison Radio: Challenging Anti-Blackness and Criminalization through Community Media
Isaac Saney – Media Amnesia and the George Floyd Uprisings: Historical Memory and the Struggle to Build a More Just Society
Laith Marouf – How laws and policies create a colonial and segregated media space in Canada
Sandra Hannebohm – The News Diversity and Black Representation Problem
Terra Tailleur, Michelle Perley and Jula Hughes – Reporting responsibly on missing Indigenous people
CMAC – Open Forum on the Guiding Questions
Black Cultural Centre for Nova Scotia (BCCNS), 10 Cherry Brook Road
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Saturday Sept 17

from 10am – 4pm

Keynote by Amber Dion and Terri Suntjens – âcimowin: Storywork, Podcasting and Disrupting Colonial Narratives
Keynote: Reconciling Racism with Brandi Morin
MelVee X – Witness Arts Workshop: Using the tools of performance and and visual art to explore anti-racism in meaningful and creative ways in order to be a catalyst for positive social change
Migrante Alberta – Telling the migrant stories
CMAC – Open Forum on the Guiding Questions
University of Calgary, 124 University Gate NW, room # 105 (Blue Room)
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September 29 (online) Date/Time TBC

October 1 (in-person) from 10am – 4pm

Day 1: Thursday, September 29 (online), Date/Time TBC
Barbershop Talk – Title TBC, Hosted by Dr. Warren Clarke, University of Manitoba Anthropology Department and the Afro-Caribbean Mentorship Program (ACAMP)
Day 2: Saturday, October 1 (in-person), from 10am-4pm
ANAK Publishing Worker Cooperative Ltd., Daisydee Bautista, Darlyne Bautista, and jacqueline gallos aquines – Narrative Sovereignty as Healing
Julie Sobowale, Canadian Association of Black Journalists – Report on Media Diversity Calls to Action
Michael Welch – Holding People of Colour in Community Radio
Dr. Warren Clarke – Title TBC
CMAC – Open Forum on the Guiding Questions
Central CC/Freight House, Room TBC
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November 18-19

from 10am – 4pm

TBC – Keynote presentations
Alec Regino, Arzu Yilzdiz and Christopher Chanco, New Canadian Media – Foreign voices? Immigrant & refugee journalists excluded from Canadian newsrooms
CHUO.FM – Building the Civic Media Lab: Iterations & Ideas in Development
Dahne Jobson, Toronto Community Media Network – Ethnic Media in Mainstream Media: An Anti-Racism Strategy
DisAbled Women’s Network of Canada – Centering Human Rights and Intersectionality in Anti-Racism Strategies for Canadian Broadcasting
Dr. Faiza Hirji and Dr. Sara Bannerman – Towards anti-racism strategies for discoverability in streaming recommendation systems
Indiegraf – Policy Proposal: Lessons from the 1991 Broadcasting Act for Qualified Canadian journalism organization policy
Racial Equity Media Collective – Promoting Racial Equity in Canada’s Screen Sector: The Crucial Role of Data Collection and Policy
Saïda Ouchaou Ozarowski with Canadian Media Guild, CBC Branch – Creating safe spaces in our workplaces for racialized employees
Shanice Bernicky – The Ouroboros in Canadian Legislature: A Review of the CBC’s Diversity & Inclusion Plans while Searching for Equity Strategies
Zeinab Faroukhi – Re-imaging Muslims: The changing misrepresentations of Muslims in news media
CMAC – Open Forum on the Guiding Questions
Carleton University, Richcraft Hall, 1125 Colonel By Drive Ottawa, ON K1S 5B6
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