These important and timely events are organized by the Community Media Advocacy Centre (www.CMACentre.ca) and supported by Heritage Canada (Anti-Racism Action Program). The Steering Committee includes:

Dr. Felix Odartey-Wellington is an Associate Professor of Communication in the Department of Communication and Languages at Cape Breton University. He is also a consultant with the Community Media Advocacy Centre
Conference Assistant Mariam Karim is a Doctoral Candidate in the Faculty of Information and the Women and Gender Studies Institute (WGSI) at the University of Toronto
Dr. Gretchen King is an Assistant Professor of Communication and Multimedia Journalism in the Department of Communication, Arts and Languages at Lebanese American University. She is also a consultant with the Community Media Advocacy Centre
Laith Marouf is a Senior Policy Consultant at CMAC and lead consultant for the Anti-Racism Strategy events
Dr. Ilyan Ferrer is an Assistant Professor in the School of Social Work at Carleton University
Community Media Advocacy Centre
Anti-Racism Action Program

TRANSPARENCY STATEMENT: The Steering Committee has approved 65% of the budget to support the organization and implementation of six events in six different regions of Canada (to pay for conference staff, food costs, translation, advertising, press releases, printing, venues and AV equipment, etc.) and the remaining 35% of the budget to cover the travel and accommodation costs of BIPOC participants invited as keynotes or from the CFP. In-kind contributions have also been made available to support these events from the Faculty of Communication of UQAM, the University of British Columbia School of Community and Regional Planning, the Black Cultural Centre for Nova Scotia, the Department of Communication, Media, and Film at the University of Calgary with several other universities and community organizations (details will be added here).